Cloud-based pilot of the Disability Housing Outcomes Framework launched

Following an eight-month codesign process, we are working with seven providers to pilot the Framework as a cloud-based tool

Over the last eight months, we have been undertaking a codesign process to develop a cloud-based tool to collect data and help providers track progress against the Disability Housing Outcomes Framework.

Across extensive workshops and interviews with people with disability and their supporters as well as with provider front line and operational staff, we tested and iterated on the language, designs, concepts, and functionality. The result is a frontend survey tool designed for people with disability linked with a backend outcomes management platform and CRM.

We are thrilled to have completed the codesign and user testing phases, and to have commenced this preliminary pilot which will test the tool in practice. Over the course of the pilot, we will:

  • ensure the Framework and processes are practical to implement,
  • deliver preliminary outcomes reporting to participating organisations in a user-friendly format so that they can understand their performance​
  • determine how participating organisations can leverage the outcomes data to learn from one another​ and drive improved outcomes for participants, and
  • modify the tool as needed before preparing for rollout at scale.

The seven organisations participating in the pilot are Aruma, Claro Aged Care Disability Services, Compass Housing Services, DPN Casa Capace, Good Housing, Housing Choices Australia and Life Without Barriers.

Recruitment is currently underway, with an anticipated 150 people with disability from a range of different geographies and contexts to participate. The pilot has received ethics approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee.

Following this initial pilot, the Framework will be refined to prepare for an extended industry pilot in 2022, where more disability housing and support providers will be invited to join. ​ This project has been developed as a coalition across the sector, and we are actively seeking opportunities to continue collaborating with others across the ecosystem. If you’re interested to know more about the Framework, preliminary pilot, or potential opportunities to collaborate, contact us today.